Table & Peekamoose Mountains

peekamooseMy dad, Niera (our dog), and I did an overnight hike of two of the Catskill 3500 foot peaks, Table Mountain and Peekamoose Mountain. We dropped dad’s car off at the Peekamoose parking area and mom and Cinder (our other dog) then drove us over to Denning and dropped us off. We signed in at the Denning trail log and proceeded to follow the yellow trail markers along the East branch of the Neversink river. After about a mile, we came to the junction of the yellow and blue trails. The yellow trail is part of the Long Path and would lead over to Slide Mountain. We switched to the blue trail that would take us up over Table and Peekamoose. After crossing a couple of bridges, we started climbing up Table. Our goal was to make it to lean-to just short of the 3500 ft mark. It was a cloudy day, but fortunately no rain. There is a spring just below the lean-to that we could hear as we approached. Around 5PM with fog setting in we made it to the lean-to only to find it occupied by people that got there before us. So we continued past the lean-to and found an area suitable to hang our hammock tents. Once set up we ate dinner and found a couple rocks to sit on and relax. Darkness came quick and by 7:30PM we had settled into our hammocks for the night.

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